Dev Talks: Genomics Applications in the Cloud with the DNAnexus Platform

The next public talk in our 2013 series will be at the University of Toronto’s, TCAG New Technologies Seminar. DNAnexus Sr. Software Engineer, Andrey Kislyuk, will conduct a brief demo of developing applications on the platform, as well as scientific collaboration, publishing, and reproducibility features.

Title: Building Genomics Applications in the Cloud with the DNAnexus Platform
When: Thursday, September 26, 2013
Time: 10:30–11:30 AM and 2:00-3:00 PM
Building: MaRS Toronto Medical Discovery Tower, 101 College St.
Room: 14-203

Abstract: The DNAnexus platform-as-a-service (PaaS) was designed to eliminate the common challenges and costs that enterprises face when building clinically compliant analysis pipelines for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.  The DNAnexus platform provides a configurable API-based infrastructure that enables research labs to efficiently move their analysis pipelines into the cloud, using their own algorithms with industry-recognized tools and resources to create customized workflows in a secure and compliant environment.

DNAnexus is available to give on-site talks and demos to public and private institutions. Contact us for details at

Just Launched: The DNAnexus Developer Program

Join a dynamic genomics app incubator community!

sdk Calling all bioinformaticians, computational scientists and hackers! DNAnexus, a company leveraging cloud computing to facilitate the analysis of extremely large biological data sets, has kicked off an app developer program and is looking to add novel genomics tools for users of our new platform.

Genomic data is the next frontier in truly challenging, Big Data problems. Our platform is designed to help scientists collaborate and analyze DNA data within a secure, web-based environment. Users will be able to upload or build workflows and project pipelines, choosing from their own tools, DNAnexus-provided apps, and now apps contributed by external developers like you.

Why should you care?

Uploading your app to the DNAnexus platform offers lots of advantages:

  • The DNAnexus platform is the most flexible and configurable API-based infrastructure for enabling genomic data analysis and data sharing.
  • The DNAnexus platform accepts DNA data from any sequencing instrument, so you can write for multiple sequencers and gain users among a much broader audience than a vendor-specific environment.
  • Join early and incur no out-of-pocket expenses for developing and testing your app. Receive a $1,000 credit toward cloud storage and compute resources.
  • Get recognition! We’ll be profiling our best-contributed apps and the genius developers behind them as we roll out the platform.
  • Easily showcase your app and its functionality on behemoth data sets.
  • Working with DNAnexus is easy and we are more than happy to provide free technical support while you are developing your app.
  • DNAnexus is building in monetization opportunities, so as the platform comes out of beta your app can create a flow of income.

Join Today!code

Interested in learning more? Email with questions. Send the following information to join the program:

1. Your name and institution
2. Briefly explain the problem you aim to solve
3. Describe the genomics tool you plan to build